Sophie Milliner, CCB Scholar


I would like to thank you again for your continued support as I now head into my third year, I hope that you are both well, especially during such unprecedented times.

Among many other things, your continued support throughout my studies has once again allowed me to purchase textbooks for this year, join the law society to enhance my career opportunities and has also enabled me to fix my laptop which is especially important this year as more of my teaching has moved online due to the pandemic. My career aspirations of becoming a practicing solicitor still have not changed so having the ability to focus solely on my studies, without worry of supporting myself financially, is one which I could never take for granted.

For the final year of the LLB Law I had the opportunity to choose all my modules, with these being; 'Law Politics and Power', 'Family Law', 'Medical Ethics and Law' and 'Criminal Justice and Evidence'. Term has just started and I am really looking forward to studying these options this year, especially family law which I am particularly interested in. I wanted to choose my modules this year based on what areas of law that I find predominantly interesting, as well as to study different parts of law to help me decide where I will eventually specialise.

Just after my last report, the remainder of my second year was transferred online due to Covid-19, including all of my summer exams. This was a new experience for us all however, I was still able to secure my aim of getting a 2:1 overall for the year, which I was pleased about. This year I am completing most of my studies online, however currently I still have a seminar every week in person to complete group work and to answer any questions which I may have. The university have said that I should expect to sit some of my final exams in person, however they have advised that a plan is in place if things needs to change again. I am hoping to achieve at least a 2:1 again this year, but my overall goal would be to achieve a first for my final year, with the hope of graduating with a first class degree. This simply wouldn't be possible without your support allowing me the time and focus to concentrate on my degree.

Thank you once again for your offer of work experience, I hope you received my reply to your offer via email, but I appreciate it would have been very difficult to make it work this summer with all the challenges we have faced.

Currently I am looking to apply for a Legal Practice Course to take up once I have completed my degree, which could be based here in Exeter, but I am also enquiring whether moving towards Bristol or London will give me the best possible job opportunities.

Once again, thank you for your continued support throughout my studies and I look forward to remaining in contact with you and updating you on my progress this year.

With best wishes,