Sophie Milliner, CCB Scholar


It was really lovely having the opportunity to meet with you in May and I would like to thank you once again for choosing to support me throughout my time at university, and for taking the journey up to come to Exeter to meet with me.

I have now completed my exams for first year and am expecting the results towards the end of June, which I will of course update you on when I find out what they are. My modules for this year were; the law of Contract, Criminal Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law and Legal Foundations, and despite finding some of them challenging I thoroughly enjoyed studying them all. Currently, my average grade is a 2:1, and so I hope to also achieve this also within my exams, making my overall result for the year a stable 2:1.

I have gained many valuable experiences this year, which have enhanced my professional skills, further allowing me to prepare for employment after my degree. This can be shown through activities such as the speaking exams which I had at the end of March. These gave me valuable experiences in the ways in which I need to present my arguments, as well as how to carry myself in a professional courtroom setting.

Your donation supporting my scholarship has had an incredibly positive effect upon my university experience so far. Not only has it allowed me to join different societies and groups during my free time, but it has also given me the ability to not have to find employment during my first year. This has allowed me to be able to fully focus on my studies to achieve the best results which I possibly can. It has also meant that typical expenses, such as buying textbooks and course materials at the start of the year, were ones which I could easily afford without worry.

The scholarship has also allowed me to spend my summer completing several different placements at local solicitor’s offices. Without the financial relief provided by the scholarship, I would have had to have taken paid work all summer, meaning that I would have missed out on the valuable experiences which can be gained through shadowing current solicitors who all specialise in different areas of law. From this, I am hoping to gain more knowledge about which sector of law that I would like to specialise in after completing my degree. This is therefore a hugely beneficial experience for me and would not be possible without your generosity.

With my first year of university being over in what seemed like hardly any time, I am already excited to begin my studies in second year as I believe that the modules I will be taking will be interesting and also well suited towards the areas within law which I enjoy as well.

Once again, thank you for your continued financial support throughout my studies, it really has changed my life, as well as my university experience. I am looking forward to keeping you updated on my future progress and to possibly meeting again soon.

With best wishes, Sophie