Lucy Wakley

Meadowsweet Scholar

Even though this has been a very crazy year, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying Marine Biology at Exeter's Penryn campus, and am extremely happy to have passed first year with good results. My modules from first year were quite challenging, but I found them all very interesting and am happy with the outcome of my assessments. This year due to COVID-19, I had to go home in March and finish my studies at home. I completed the rest of my exams and lab reports at home, but I was still able to keep in contact with my lecturers in case I had any problems or questions I needed help with, this I found helpful and supportive during this ever-changing time.

I enjoyed the lab and field practical’s the most, as it allowed me to get hands on with many different and interesting organisms. I also found it easier to write the lab reports when I had actually been able to physically see what we were doing and how to express that in the reports.

The funding I have received has been extremely helpful, as it has been able to support me whilst I have been doing my studies, because I have been able to completely focus on my studies, and I have used some of the funding to purchase some essentials I needed my course.

Since returning home to Exeter, I have been working at Sainsbury’s, I worked there before starting university and was able to go back this summer, this has been nice as I have been able to get some extra money and was able to continue to work during the lockdown. I have also been keeping up with activities that I did at university, such as sea swimming. I have been going with my dad and sister to some of the beaches local to us.

I am very excited to get back to Penryn in September, and eager to get back to the societies I was a part of, like the sea swimming and surfing society. I am also excited to see what challenges next year brings, including preparing for the placement year which will be taking place the following September. I am also looking forward to seeing all my friends that I wouldn’t have seen since March and catching up with them about their summers.

Thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate the funding and the benefits it has brought me, and I look forward to telling you more about how next year goes with my academic progress and with my life outside of university.