Profile - Daphne Mudiyanselage

Why did you choose to come to Exeter?

I chose to study at Exeter because it is a highly regarded University which offered an excellent masters degree in my chosen subject. In addition, due to the proximity of the campus to my home I am more easily able to manage my studies around other commitments.

Why have you chosen your subject of study?

I have always been interested in Water Engineering and this interest was developed further during my undergraduate studies. I hope to be able to progress further in the field by studying at PhD level and then pursuing a career as a Water Engineer.

What does receiving this scholarship mean to you and how will it impact on your time at Exeter and beyond?

The scholarship means a lot to me as it will help me to meet my travel costs and course expenses making the balance of academic and family responsibilities more manageable. This will help me to over come the financial strain I would fall under otherwise.