Daphne Herath Mudiyanselage

2020/21 Water Conservation Trust Scholar

MSc Water Engineering

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Water Conservation Trust for donating much needed funds towards my MSc Water Engineering studies. The course consists of assignments and timed written exams. Due to Covid, most of the lectures were held online.

I completed my first term exams in January and the second term exams in May, managing to pass all the subjects on the first go with an average score of 72.25%. I have submitted my dissertation and have recently done the interview. The dissertation title is “Microbial Electrolysis Carbon Capture as a potential option to support net zero”. I was given many positive comments from the professors during the dissertation interview. I was given an overall mark of 70% for the dissertation.

During the course, I have managed to submit several outstanding assignments. For instance, on a coursework assignment on the practical application of 3D modelling tools for Urban Drainage and Wastewater Management, I received 96% which was the highest mark of the year group.

The funds that I have received thanks to your generous support have helped me in numerous ways. Most importantly, during the pandemic, me and my family have struggled a lot financially. As a mother of two children, it is not easy to concentrate on my studies, especially when struggling to make ends meet. However, the funds I received from the Water Conservation Trust helped me to ease the struggle and enable me to achieve outstanding results. These results not only show my hard work, but it also represents the help given by the trust. Therefore, I would like to thank the trust from the bottom of my heart.

The graduation ceremony will be held on 10th of December, and I have received permission to continue my studies towards my PhD if necessary. I would like to continue my studies but, in the meantime, I am focusing on starting my career too. The main problem I am facing is the lack of work experience in this country because I was under work restrictions for several years due to immigration regulations after I first moved to the UK from Sri Lanka in 2003. Currently I am living in Derby and looking forward to starting my career. I would prefer to do research or work towards sustainable wastewater management like using wastewater as an electrolyte and produce hydrogen gas while capturing carbon in wastewater treatment plants. This makes the wastewater treatment plant an energy positive and carbon negative system.

Finally, I would like to let you know I have now successfully completed my MSc Water Engineering being awarded a distinction and I am looking forward to starting my career in water engineering. It is a pleasure to update you on my progress and I hope to keep in touch. Thank you once again for the financial help towards my MSc.

Best wishes