Silva Juliana Galán - Ma in Translation Studies

Progress Report - February 2021

I hope this email finds you well. I think there are no words to express the amount of gratitude I have for this award, and what the Ayudar Scholarship means to me. First of all, I have to state that this changed my life. This academic experience has been so eye-opening, I have learnt so much. The quality of the education I am able to experience is astonishing. My lecturers and tutors are so inspiring, caring, and motivate you to think critically, to create; they really make you feel appreciated and eager to keep learning, to keep working hard. The first few weeks were a bit of a shock, there were so much to read, lectures to join (virtually), and new information and assignments to complete. I felt for a brief period overwhelmed, but I always strive for excellence, once I stopped stressing so much, it all became naturally better and more manageable. I have gotten so much better at managing my times, my schedules, at reading and working more productively, at writing better assignments and I am utterly in love with the education experience, one of my Professors said to me this week, that I am doing great and she liked my work, so I am very happy about it.

I am pretty sure, now more than ever, that the greatest love of my life is the Academy. Experiencing the UK, even if only Exeter, has been wonderful. Even though the pandemic has made the experience a bit lonely, and the lockdown prevents us from seeing new places, and making the most of the UK, it has still allowed me to experience other things, learn different lessons, and meet wonderful people.

My time at Exeter has brought the most wonderful people to my life, I have made friends I am sure I will have forever and have been a great support system. I can say with all certainty that there is no better place I would rather be, and I feel happy, grateful, and blessed.

Today it would have been daddy’s 74th birthday and I cannot think of a better present than this one, being here, achieving this, being the woman I am becoming, and the translator I hope to be. And it is all thanks to you, and I hope to meet you soon. Thank you always

Sincerely, Silvia

Silvia Juliana Galán Bermúdez Ayudar Scholar 2020-2021