Grace Mordey - MPhys Physics

Despite yet another awful year in terms of the global pandemic and the associated disruption to University studies, it has been quite a successful year for me, no doubt due to your support. With everything going on, your help meant that significant worries surrounding money were taken away - which I recognise is an extremely lucky position to be in.

I have averaged a 1st over the modules that I have taken, with all my modules being a 2:1 grade and above. My favourite module was Energy and the Environment, in which I was graded 80%. I found this module incredibly interesting which I feel was reflected well in my grade, and it gave me the confidence to pursue a career in this field at the end of my degree.

I have such passion for helping the world's energy crisis and would love a career in either the theoretical and scientific side or the policy making side. My studies here at Exeter certainly leave me in a great position to do so, and I am incredibly grateful for all of your support. I highly doubt that my grades would be as impressive with the added stresses that your scholarship has removed for me.

In the second term I began working on my Masters project titled ‘Physical Meteorology from Airplanes’ in which I am investigating how weather forecast predictions can be improved upon by processing data already given out by airplanes worldwide. I am incredibly excited to be continuing to work on this currently in my final year at Exeter. So far in the project I have received a grade of 68% which I am incredibly proud of considering it is a Masters level project.

As I have mentioned previously, your scholarship has taken the massive stress of general money struggles away, for which I am incredibly grateful. I would like to add however, that it also enabled me to seek help for my mental health struggles which deteriorated in the pandemic. I became incredibly stressed and anxious whilst studying during lockdown, and using your scholarship I was able to receive hypnotherapy. This therapy drastically improved my mental state and therefore my ability to study also. For this I couldn't be more grateful, as I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to perform to my full potential.

I have still been highly involved with the Physics Society, for 2020/21 I was Vice President, meaning I was part of important society decisions as well as organising the stash, and helping organise the online socials - believe it or not this was harder than organising normal socials. I am again part of the committee this current academic year, as a new role which I suggested for the society - Welfare Secretary. After the past year in particular I believe it is more important than ever to have people in all areas of the University looking out for the welfare and well-being of others. Having faced struggles myself, I feel like I am in a good position to relate and be sympathetic towards those looking for help. Before taking up the role I took a few courses which have helped me to spot signs, sympathise in a constructive way and to signpost to people more qualified to help with people's problems professionally.

This year I am taking modules on Stars from Birth to Death, Relativity and Cosmology, and Solar and Extra-Solar Planets and their Atmospheres. Although not directly related to my career path of choice, there will definitely be transferable skills and knowledge taken. In addition to this, Astrophysics is a huge interest of mine and although I’ve decided against it as a career, I would love to keep it as a hobby.

I would love to take the opportunity once again to thank you tremendously for your generosity and kindness throughout the duration of the scholarship. You have given me the opportunity to achieve my potential, and the best footing for the future. For that I will be forever grateful.

Sending my best wishes to you and your family.

Many thanks once again,