Anneliese Travis - BSc Computer Science and Mathematics

My third and final year of university was certainly interesting! With the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, I ended up doing my studies entirely remotely which was an interesting challenge. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my final year immensely and managed to make some new connections with my peers despite the physical distance.

Module Summaries

Individual Project and Literature Review

This was the most substantial module I undertook in final year, and was the equivalent of a dissertation. My topic of choice was “Artificial Intelligence for Menu Planning in Event Catering”, which involved researching, planning and developing a piece of software and justifying the design and results in a 20-page report. My software was a program that allowed input of the size of a group to be catered for, details on any dietary requirements that members of the group have, and the “per person” budget for the catering. The program then used automated planning to create a suitable menu from a database of meals and their recipes. I was very pleased with the results of my project and have created something that I will be able to use for my own events. I had a lot of fun during the development process and overall was very satisfied with this module.

Computational Nonlinear Dynamics

This module was the perfect combination of mathematics and computer science, involving the use of coding languages in the generation of mathematical models and predictions. The coursework involved modeling the spread of an epidemic using the MATLAB coding language, which was certainly topical! I found this module to be incredibly intellectually stimulating and enjoyable and I performed very well, achieving a mark of 88% across both assessments.

Graphs, Networks and Algorithms

This was a very mathematical module and was incredibly interesting. It combined an excellent balance of theory and practical work, with one of the assessments being a research project on the effect of the dynamics of a population on the spread of various disease types. I worked closely with a peer on my course for this project, and we became quite good friends throughout the course of the module despite having never met in person! I was pleased with the finished report and proud to hand it in.

Enterprise Computing

This was a very relevant module for my future career, as it provided an insight into the world of technology in the context of businesses and the working world. In fact, one of the coursework tasks (building an API) was also one of the first tasks in my internship! This module provided a solid foundation for my developing career skills, and was enjoyable and interesting. I achieved a mark of 90% in the assessment.

British Sign Language Intermediate

Having done the beginner BSL module last year, I found this module to be an interesting and useful extension to the BSL knowledge I had already gained. I am now confident in my signing and have gained an incredibly useful skill through this learning. The completion of this module allowed me to add “With Proficiency in British Sign Language” to my formal degree title, an achievement that I am most proud of!

Extra-curricular activities

In February and March I joined the Alumni Telephone Fundraising team to help secure funding for current and future students in need of help to access and make the most of higher education. This was a personal and dear cause for me, and I was delighted to have personally helped by raising approximately £8000 to help fund future scholarships and bursaries.

Next Steps

The software internship that I was supposed to undertake last year began this year instead - in the last few months of my studies I worked with the company for one day a week to get me up to speed with the company’s practices and methods, and then began the internship officially at the start of June and completed it over the summer. The experience went very well and my work has been praised, I got on well with the rest of the staff, and enjoyed the entire experience.

As I look back on everything I have achieved over the past three years and look ahead to the future, I wanted to thank you again for your incredibly generous support. None of this would have been possible for me without it, and you have changed the entire trajectory of my future with your generosity and kindness for which I am immensely grateful.

Thank you once again,

Kind regards,