Profile - Katie Rowe

Why did you choose to come to Exeter?

I chose to come to Exeter as it is a top university for my course (BA English) and also for my chosen sport of tennis. I live in North Devon so I felt that it was the perfect distance for me as it was far enough from home to feel independent, but at the same time, it is easy to get back on the train when I need to.

Why have you chosen your subject of study?

I really enjoyed History and Psychology at A Level. However, English seemed to be a broader course, which includes lots of historical and psychological elements. In the future, I see myself doing a job that involves writing, so English seemed to be a sensible choice that would give me that opportunity.

What career aspirations fo you have?

I aspire to become a journalist, or have another job that involves writing.

What will you be doing outside of study?

I am part of the tennis club at Exeter and therefore get to represent the University in the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS)

What does receiving this scholarship mean to you and how will it impact on your time at Exeter and beyond?

I feel very lucky to have been awarded this scholarship, as University life can be expensive and any form of financial support is incredibly helpful. This funding means that I will not have to worry so much about the price of books I need to buy for my course on top of everything else that needs to be paid such as rent, food and my tennis expenses.