My name is Ryan Jenkins and my current programme of study is MSc Mining Geology at Camborne School of Mines. During my time at CSM and the University of Exeter, I hope to achieve a multitude of goals that I have set myself and these are as follows. Firstly, I would like to further enhance my knowledge of mineral resource geology, mining and exploration so that I can become an asset to any company that I go on to start my career with upon graduation. Secondly, I am striving to enhance my leadership and project management skills which I believe are vital in the industry, particularly in geoscience where having high standards and working efficiently are key. I am also looking to enhance my proficiency using software packages such as Micromine which are becoming ever more important in the mining industry as it strives toward technological advancement, more accurate resource modelling and mine design, to name a few. Finally, I would like to carry out an industry-focussed Independent Research Project, providing crucial information to an organisation that has a key issue they are trying to resolve. I am very passionate about creating strong ties with the industry and enhancing my credibility as a future mining professional which I have such strong aspirations to become.

I would like to take the time to personally thank you for your kind and generous support. Being awarded this prestigious scholarship is an honour particularly due to the history that it has behind it. Regardless of being awarded the scholarship, learning of Richards tragic death was something that I felt very strongly about as a fellow Mining Geology postgraduate. Being a part of his legacy is a responsibility I have every intention of taking very seriously, striving to achieve the standards that Richard would have expected from a fellow geologist and mining professional.

The funds that you have so kindly provided will make a monumental difference to my studies over the coming year, allowing me to focus all of my time and energy on making the most of the world-class facilities I have available to me. I will also be able to build my industry-focused knowledge and skills that I hope to transfer into a career in mining geology and exploration upon graduating. This will allow me to become an asset to any company that I have the pleasure of working for. As a keen field geologist, being able to fund any field trip or opportunity that becomes available to me will be invaluable to further improve my confidence and proficiency in the field.

I will be looking to invest a large portion of the funds into my Independent Research Project and Dissertation, allowing me to achieve the best possible results for both myself and the organisation I have the privilege of undertaking the research on behalf of.

I have just begun my search for a project to work on during this year and it would be a privilege to work with any of you, to give something back to you after you have given me so much. I very much look forward to keeping you updated on what I hope will be the great progress that I make during my studies here at Camborne School of Mines and I look forward to meeting you in person to further my gratitude and hopefully build a lasting professional relationship.



Ryan Jenkins Richard Osman Scholar