Thank you for your support

Dear Norman,

We are extremely grateful to you for your continued funding and enthusiasm for The Ho Tim Foundation Scholarship programme. With your support we have been able to continue to attract and support talented Chinese students to undertake postgraduate study in the vitally important disciplines of biodiversity, conservation and sustainability. This report details Nok Yin Ma's recent progress, as well as demonstrating the importance and impact of the Ho Tim Foundation Programme at Exeter. As you will see, Nok was able to adjust to the challenges of this past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is now excited to undertake his Masters project and further his academic career by undertaking a Ph.D. position in Hong Kong.

When permitted it would be wonderful to explore dates for a Ho Tim Foundation scholar reunion, in Hong Kong. We would love to find a time for you and Nok to meet again in the future, and for all of your scholars to be together at one time

Many thanks once again,

Louise Mackay, Simon Tyson and all of us at the University of Exeter.