Sophie Milliner, CCB Scholar


Dear Charlie and Clare,

Thank you again for all your support throughout my studies. I hope that you are both well and enjoying the end of national lockdown!

My apologies for the delay in reporting back to you on the final year of my degree, I am pleased to say that was able to achieve a 2:1 overall, which may not have been possible without your continued support. The scholarship which you provided not only allowed me to concentrate fully on my academic work, without worry of supporting myself financially, it also allowed me to join societies which supplemented my studies, buy textbooks when I needed to, and most importantly, buy a new laptop when my old one stopped working! I will never take this support for granted.

In my final year I took modules on 'Law Politics and Power', 'Family Law', 'Medical Ethics and Law' and 'Criminal Justice and Evidence'. Due to the pandemic the teaching was delivered online. Given the challenges faced this year, I am pleased with my overall result.

Now that I have completed my degree I am currently looking to work within a law firm, either as a paralegal or legal secretary, for a year, before I then begin my LPC. I wanted to do this to gain some industry experience before I resume my studies to become a solicitor. The support from your scholarship has been incredibly helpful for this as it enabled me to save some funds to allow myself to search for a job after university, meaning that I did not have to work whilst trying to find a more permanent position within a law firm.

Once again, I would like to thank you so much for all the support you have provided to me over the three years I have spent at Exeter, it has truly been life changing. Without your support, there is no doubt I would have had to take paid work alongside my studies, this would have prevented me from being able to make the most of my University experience and gain valuable experiences to support both my personal and professional development.

I would like to thank you again for your generosity and I hope to continue updating you in the future with my progress and career progression. With best wishes,