Profile - Yolia Simon

Why did you choose to come to Exeter?

I chose to come to the University of Exeter because it is a Russel Group university and it is recognised as a very prestigious university. I liked the Physics course they offered, with the integrated master's year, and I also wanted to develop a sense of independence by living away from home.

Why have you chosen your subject of study?

I chose Physics with Astrophysics as my subject of study because I enjoy Physics and I would like to pursue this within my career.

What career aspirations do you have?

I wish to become either a Medical Physicist or a Bioengineer. I want to have a job that challenges me intellectually as well as the opportunity to actively help others such as a role making prosthetics.

What will you be doing outside of study?

I would like to learn how to skateboard and I plan on getting involved with the Campus Cinema and the Physics Society.

What does receiving this scholarship mean to you and how will it impact on your time at Exeter and beyond?

Being awarded this scholarship means a lot to me as the funding support will greatly improve my financial situation and it will enable me to get the most out of university in order to pave the way to my future career.