Exeter’s driving ambition is to be a global 100 research leader and create graduates of distinction within a community of the most talented and creative minds.

Exeter is recognised as a research intensive university producing high quality academic work across all disciplines helping to create a better, more sustainable future.

To continue our upward trajectory as a globally-renowned institution, an international partner of choice, and a university that attracts the world’s best researchers and brightest students, we must continue to invest. And we must do so at a time when global competition is at its most intense, and when the UK higher education funding environment is at its most uncertain.

That’s why we need your support.

Project North Park will deliver a world class research and teaching facility that supports Exeter’s ambition to become a UK top 10 university, and a global 100 leader in the generation of new knowledge and research techniques. Academics and students will collaborate with public and partner communities to develop and enrich our understanding of 21st century global challenges.

North Park will cover 13,500m2 and be at the very heart of Streatham Campus, welcoming students, researchers and our community though the doors, providing space to think, learn, challenge and collaborate to find the best solutions for the challenges we face today. We aim to raise £10m in philanthropic support for the new building, to enable us to reach our ambitions of a carbon neutral building, full of state-of-the-art equipment for research and crucially, providing adaptable space for study and collaboration.

Philanthropic support for the project will transform this building from a framework to a hive of activity with a thriving community with world class research and teaching facilities for acadmeics, students companys and communities to work together and create positive outcomes.

Help us to make the exceptional happen.