Project North Park will deliver a world class research and teaching facility that supports the University’s ambition to become a UK top 10 university, and a global 100 leader in the generation of new knowledge and research techniques.

We want to stay competitive: The new facility will support the University’s future long term success as a UK top 10 university, and a global 100 leader.
We need a venue: The building will provide a state of the art venue for local, national and international events.

Your gifts of money and time will increase the worldwide impact of our research and education.

It will:

  • Bring the very best minds together at the heart of the University to lead major research, helping solve some of the greatest challenges of today.
  • Offer our students an outstanding experience in their studies and in their lives, preparing them to become graduates who make a difference in the world.

North Park will house five institutes to enable collaboration on innovative research methods and methodology that will drive ground breaking research.