University of Exeter

The Centre for

Future Clean Mobility

Proposal for Michael Freund

The UN estimate that 95 per cent of the world's transport energy still comes from fossil fuels acting as a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and the climate crisis. With the global car fleet expected to double by 2050, the impacts on the natural world will be dramatic. Through the UK Governments 'Driving the Electric Revolution' Challenge there are new opportunities to harness the UK's world leading expertise in Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD) and transform the way we design and use transport in the future. Crucially, we need the space to get under the bonnet of transport fleets and turn designs and models into reality.

The Centre for Future Clean Mobility provides a go to hub for industry partners to review their current machines, retro fit new technologies and work with engineers to create better machines for the future which serve the fast changing needs of UK transport infrastructure. We aim to lead by example and export our knowledge and resources in next generation transport design and manufacture globally.

This document sets out how you can be part of the solution, by supporting us at this critical juncture.