Jonathan Dixson

Meadowsweet Scholar

I have just finished my second year of BSc maths, involving seven modules this year: Complex analysis, Groups Rings and Fields, Real Analysis, Modelling, Linear Algebra, Vector Calculus, and Differential Equations.

The scholarship has certainly helped my studies as it has meant that I do not have to stress as much about my finances, which matters a lot to me because my aspergers means that I struggle to hold multiple things in my head at the same time, and can become extremely panicky when I feel overwhelmed. This year has regardless been difficult because of the online learning, but I feel I have managed okay and have been able to keep a decent handle on my mental health, and I believe I have done well in my exams, though I am currently awaiting my results.

I am personally proud to have mantained a mostly stable position of mental health over this year as it has been a very stressful time and throughout my life I have really struggled with my stress and anxiety.

The next step for me is an internship over the summer with the Exeter Maths School, where I will get work experience and see if teaching is a field I would like to move into - I think it may well end up being a good path for me as I like the idea of trying to help other young people manage their work and mental health, instead of just dealing with numbers on a screen. After that, I'm doing my final year of my degree, and then I'm considering doing an additional master's qualification in maths - still unsure on this however, so I will be looking at different options over the next year.

Though I say I am proud to have kept myself in a good mental state over the challenging lockdown, I must thank you for the support you have provided as this has really reduced the number of stresses I have to keep in my mind at any given time. My issue really is overloading in my head with too many problems to think about, so having one less worry on my mind really has made all the difference.

I am looking forward to keeping you updated an perhaps meeting you personally whenever things open up again, to thank you and say hello.