Profile - Samuel Quarmby

Why did you choose to come to Exeter?

I chose Exeter because itt is a highly ranked Russell Group university and it is located relatively close to my home in the South West of the country.

Why have you chosen your subject of study?

I believe that studying physics will give me the chance to do the most good in a career and I will find it most interesting and fulfilling personally.

What career aspirations do you have?

I am not completely sure yet but I hope to work in the newest and most interesting and exciting areas of science such as in renewable energies.

What will you be doing outside of study?

I have joined the Entrepreneurs Society, Physics Society, Raise and Give (charity), European Society, Slow Food on Campus Society, Space Exe, Exeter Student Investment Fund, The Diplomatic Hub and the 93% Club. And have joined the campus gym and am considering joining the boxing club but need to see how much free time I have first before I commit to that one as well!

What does receiving this scholarship mean to you and how will it impact on your time at Exeter and beyond?

The scholarship means a lot to me as I can now focus on my studies and won't have to worry as much about the financial cost of university life. It has also given me more motivation to succeed in my studies as I really appreciate the generosity of the donor and my faith in my ability to succeed has been strengthened.