Law100 and how

you can make a difference

"I loved my time at Exeter and benefitted hugely from the experience. In an age where the cost of going to university continues to rise, I just want to do my bit to help the current generation of teenagers to have similar opportunities.”

Peter Baldwin (BA History 1991), who supports students from low participation backgrounds

Financial support for students is vital to long-term change. It has a vital role to play to enable students from lower income backgrounds to focus on studies, and it also demonstrates to future students that we are a university for all those who are academically able, regardless of background or circumstance.

A growing number of generous Exeter alumni currently support students through the Senior Scholars Awards Programme, giving them the freedom and opportunity to focus on their studies, to benefit fully from the high standard of teaching at Exeter, and the resources to buy the materials they need. But awards and scholarships mean more than just financial support.

The recipients of this support are given the confidence and belief that they can aim higher, be ambitious and push themselves, and that not only is higher education for them, but that they can flourish and succeed. We are looking to create 20 dedicated Senior Scholar Awards by 2023 for Law Students at Exeter.

Can you help us achieve this ambition for our Centenary year, and beyond?

Tax effective giving

The University of Exeter is an exempt charity and if you have paid (or will pay) UK income tax in the current tax year up to the level of your donation then we can claim an additional 25% through the Gift Aid scheme.

Additional-rate and Higher-rate tax payers may also be able to reclaim a further amount in a tax return. The table below how the annual cost to you can be reduced.

Recognising your generosity

We want to recognise your generosity in the appropriate way and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how best to do this. As well as our thanks, bespoke annual reporting and a personal thank you from your scholar and an opportunity to meet with them, we would like to offer:

  • Your name featured in our annual list of a donors to the University
  • Regular updates about the University of Exeter and the Students’ Guild and copies of relevant publications
  • Invitations to our special events for supporters, including our bi-annual Thank You reception and Law100 celebrations.

Thank you

Thank you so much for giving this online publication your time and consideration, and if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mark Howlett Senior Development Manager Global Advancement Tel: 07767 004918