2023: The Law school centenary

At the University of Exeter, we believe that everyone with the ability to do so should be able to benefit from a university education.

We know that not everyone can, because of a lack of access, or financial backing. We want to work with philanthropists to offer a level playing field for young people.

The situation is stark. Social mobility in the UK is in decline; millennials are the first generation since the war to do less well than the previous generation, and the pandemic has only served to widen these inequalities.

This decline is a huge problem for Professions which have historically struggled for equal access; professions such as Law.

“Younger generations face the spectre of downward social mobility, which will lead to increasingly contested battles over fewer opportunities. A fundamental shift in the debate is required. It was needed before the COVID-19 crisis, and has become even more pressing now as the vulnerable in society are suffering most from the global economic recession triggered by the pandemic.”

Professor Lee Elliot-Major, Professor of Social Mobility at the University of Exeter