Profile - Anthonia Fowodu

Why did you choose to come to Exeter?

At first, I was considering choosing the University of Exeter, because it is a Russell Group university, but when I visited the Streatham Campus with the Realising Opportunities outreach programme, I was blown away by the beauty of the campus and its surroundings. I truly felt like I belonged here. Also, the University of Exeter is in a student-friendly city surrounded by mesmerising rural landscapes and I couldn't wait to explore the city.

Why have you chosen your subject of study?

I have chosen medicine because I have always aspired to become a doctor. Having a career in medicine means that you help to improve people's lives, but you're also constantly improving as you learn to immerse the latest medical advancement that could help you perfect your craft.

What career aspirations do you have?

I aspire to become a neurologist and open my practice someday and perhaps contribute towards a medical discovery at some point in my career if I choose to intercalate in neuroscience.

What will you be doing outside of study?

I have joined the African and Caribbean Society (ACS), and I have also joined the Exeter Undergraduate Medical Society (EUMS).

What does receiving this scholarship mean to you and how will it impact on your time at Exeter and beyond?

This scholarship means the world to me. It will truly change my experience at the University of Exeter. I will be able to afford expenses that are relevant to my course without having to worry about the financial impact that it could have on my necessities. Also, it has motivated me to apply for a student ambassador role and hopefully inspire students who are interested in following in my footsteps.