Dear Mr Waghorn,

I am Shalayna, an undergraduate student from London, studying Medicine here at Exeter.

I had chosen medicine not as a degree but as a lifestyle choice, aware of all the immense hard work which I would need to put in to reach my ultimate end goal of being an effective doctor who is able to provide my upmost care to those around me and within my community.

Despite my drive to give back my time to the healthcare system for the sheer care and commitment in which I had experienced, I always had finances as a hinderance at the back of my head and was anticipating how I would juggle such an intense course and a full-time job. I am incredibly thankful and beyond words for your generosity in gifting me this scholarship as it now means that I will be able to pay for my accommodation, afford to travel to placements and support my living costs without the financial strain and thus has alleviated my previous worries. It will also enable me to focus on giving my full attention to my degree and to studying without the additional stress which I would have encountered had I not been luckily chosen for this generous award.

I hope grow as an individual and flourish along the 5 years of my course and cannot wait to give you updates on my university journey to show how much help you have given me. Thank you for being so giving; I do not think that I would ever be able to demonstrate my gratitude enough. I hope that one day I am able to give back to students, in a way that you have done for me.

I look forward to hopefully meeting you and to further thanking you for the scholarship.

With all my thanks