Rahmaneh Moosavi

MPhil Medical Studies

To all those at FORCE,

I’m writing to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for your generous donation supporting my studies and enabling me to undertake an MPhil at the University of Exeter. This means a lot to me; your gift deducted a big portion of my international student tuition fee and my research materials; without your help it wouldn’t be possible for me to continue my research on cancer science at University of Exeter with the most professional expert team on the breast to brain cancer metastasis.

As someone who has seen the suffering of individual’s with cancer first hand and lost my close young cousin due to the brain metastasis, and by considering that there are sorrowfully more numerous valuable human beings suffering and being lost to the same condition; I am more dedicated than ever to this research as I seek to have an impact on finding better therapeutic strategies by understanding the disease mechanism and its progression in these patients.

Your help makes a valuable change to both scientists and patients by generating progress in this area of research within years, this can only be achieved with supporters like you. I’m deeply grateful for this and endeavour to do the best I can to achieve research outcomes which will enable us to provide the best possible medical care.

Best Regards, Rahmaneh Moosavi