Dear Donors,

My name is Jo and I am studying Public Health and Sociology this semester in Exeter on exchange from the University of South Florida, USA. I was delighted to find out that I had received an award, thanks to your generousity, to help fund my exchange semester at the University of Exeter. I am so appreciative!

Following in the footsteps of the alumni who have gone before me to study abroad, I am committed to taking advantage of every opportunity my time at this prestigious university will offer me.

I have joined several societies since I have arrived on campus and I am most excited for the Exeter Student Action for Refugees Society (STAR), where I will meet like-minded individuals who also hope to make a difference in refugees' lives.

My studies in Public Health are of utmost importance to me and the classes that I am taking at the University of Exeter will supplement my global understanding of health issues and policies.

I look forward to updating you at the end of this semester on the ways in which I have benefitted personally, professionally, and educationally from your generosity.


Jo Belliveau